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Our team is made up of enthusiasts dedicated to offering our customers a  exceptional and memorable experience at the heart of the history and timeless charm of our magnificent castle. Located in the heart of picturesque French Sologne, the estate is a true architectural gem that has gracefully survived the centuries.

We work in harmony to ensure that every moment you spend at Château de la Plaudière is memorable. Whether you are a bride and groom looking for a magical celebration location, a company looking for a rare venue to organize a productive seminar or create an unforgettable corporate event, our team  is here to make your wishes come true and offer you a unique experience that will remain engraved in your memory and that of your guests and customers. 

Each of us brings valuable skills and quality expertise to ensure the success of each event we host. Together, we form a united team, determined to make your event an absolute success. 


Trust to our professionalism. We look forward to welcoming you to Château de la Plaudière, where history and beauty come together to offer you an enchanting experience. 

Welcome to our house !



The castle was built in 1868 by Adolphe Hache, an industrialist who made his fortune in Vierzon porcelain. La Plaudière is one of the symbols of the upper bourgeoisie of the 19th century. The Solognot castle, characteristic of the tastes and way of life of the great financial bourgeoisie of the Second Empire  belonged to one of the members of the regency council of the Banque de France. A great opportunity to discover and relive an inside view of the world of high finance under Napoleon III.

From 1860, an important porcelain industrialist from Vierzon, Adolphe Hache, bought land in the meadows of Doulçay and Thénioux. 

In 1864, he acquired most of the national property acquired by Charles Pommeret in 1791. 

In 1868, near the farm of La Plaudière, Adolphe Hache built the Château de la Plaudière and the story begins...

Pain grillé



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For any reservation requests or quotes for the organization of private or professional events, contact us.

Merci pour votre envoi, nous reviendrons auprès de vous très rapidement ! 

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